Where are you, Jason Lynes?

I used to use a fantastic website called Passionfruit Ads to manage all the website advertising for one of the websites I managed. I have happily been using this website since November of 2013. It had a beautiful interface, it was easy to use and it helped me manage the billing and servicing of all my advertisements. Great!

Unfortunately, in June of this year a strange thing happened. I stopped receiving payments. Typically, when one of my advertisers made a payment through Passionfruit, I would receive my share of the purchase (a small portion was taking out to cover the credit card processing fees) the following week through PayPal. But in June the payments stopped coming. My advertisers kept paying, but no more payments came from Passionfruit.

Then sometime in July a notice appeared on the Passionfruit website stating that they would be closing their doors by December 2016. I was frustrated and disappointed, but somewhat relieved by the note in bold saying: “Despite the recent delays in payments, everyone will still be paid in full.”



So, I spent a lot of time researching and trying out other advertising platforms, and finally transitioning all my advertisements over to a new service. In the meantime, my current advertisers were still making payments through Passionfruit, and I was still waiting to get paid. And waiting, and waiting.

As of November 13, 2016, www.passionfruitads.com is dead. The few remaining ads I had scheduled through the service disappeared. And I’m still waiting for those payments, which now totalĀ $1,686.20.





I have emailed Passionfruit Ads owner, Jason Lynes, multiple times. I have sent a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. I have called the old help number and left a message. And I am still waiting.

Jason Lynes, where are you? And what can I do to receive the payments I am due? Feel free to respond to any of the emails or voice mails I have left for you. I look forward to hearing from you!!